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My first attempt at ombre-ing my weave was smelly and unsuccessful and awaste of money, OK £5 is not that that much but I expected it to do something. I bought 'Garnier Nutrisse creme' in pineapple. I followed the instructions for the mixture parted my weave into four sections and applied the bleach started from the tip and worked my way upwards.  I have never smelt something so horrible in my life, it was a strong sharp smell and would recommend doing it in a ventilated area because I was getting high, headaches.  I left the product in for the recommended time plus 10 minutes and washed it out and there was no change but smelly hair.

 After watching some youtube videos I bought some hair bleaching products from my local BSS.  Here is what you will need:

1 non-metallic bowl ~ I just used an old moisturiser tub
1 powder bleach ~ I bought 'Trulites rapid blue powder bleach'  £2.99
1 cream peroxide ~ I bought 'Eternal beauty cream peroxide 9%'  £1.99
Shampoo and moisturising conditioner
Leave in conditioner

I didn't use measurements, just what I thought would be enough for what I need to do (bear in mind I was not dying my whole weave). I put the powder first (about 2 tablespoons) and then added the cream peroxide a little at a time till I got a CREAMY consistency, it should not be watery. I mixed for about 30 secs then let it sit for about 3 mins to react properly.

1. Part your hair in 4 sections or if your weave is fuller part into more sections.
2. The whole point of ombre is the gradient in hair colour from dark med light or light med dark. I was going for the dark med light so I started application at the tips and then worked my way up the hair section by section. I did the front section first mainly because I wanted then a lighter colour than the back.
3. I spent about 40 secs on each section, and once all sections had the bleach on them, I went over them again with whatever was left. I then ran a brush through all sections to make sure it was even.

4. It took me about 5 mins in I was done apply the bleach (but my weave is not full at all) . I left the bleach on for another 20 mins, but I was checking the colour every 5 minutes and when I was happy with the colour, I washed it out.

Once you have bleached hair the moisture has been striped so you must MOISTURE, MOISTURE MOISTURE.

 After washing it with shampoo and plenty of conditioner, then I used a leave in conditioner.

I sprayed heat defence (Tresemme) blow dried the hair then half way applied some CO and Moroccan oil and continued drying it. Ombre was easy to do but I have noticed a change in the texture of the ends of my weave that was originally virgin indian hair. The hair is a lot coarser and I get split ends more (or they are more noticeable). I personally would never bleach my real hair, as it strips the hair of it natural hair colour and most likely other things like moisture. I recommend that if you want to naturally lighten your hair you try products like lemon juice, chamomile, flat coca cola and if you want to dye it henna is your go to product.

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