Thick brows

There is something about thick brows that draws you into a persons face.

How I get my thick brows looking groomed
The last time I plucked was about over 2 weeks ago, the brow on the right is the crazy one so I find myself shaping that one and not the other.  I have naturally thick brows, so keeping them slim was high maintenance, expensive and I'm lazy so it initially was easier to let them grow out keep them natural. The only tools I use for my brows every 2 weeks are: tweezers, Vaseline (cheaper alternative to brow gel and a toothbrush. 

If you want to keep your brows how they are but would like to wear them thick for a while:
In this case, you need yo find a good eyebrow filler. For bolder brow like this (below)  I would use a "waxy" brow pencil. To apply the colour use gentle strokes along the shape of the brow and work your way from the thicker to thinner end; then apply concealer on the outline of the brow to define the shape more and tidy it all up. 
Try Lancome, Anastasia or MAC brow products.
 For a much softer look you should use a brow powder with an angled brow brush. This method is better for those that aren't too good with filling in their brows because you can add a little at a time. Then  you can apply concealer on the outline to define the brow. 

For those with no brows to start with.
You must grow them out, so no tweezing, threading or waxing for about 3-5 weeks or more depending on how thin your brows are initially. You apply a little coconut/olive/almond oil to them at night. After a few weeks you can then start working on the brows. If you want a more natural effortless shape like then you can do that yourself with tweezers, Vaseline and a toothbrush/brow brush. Once they have grown out shaping your brows professionally is want I would recommend but you must instruct them on what shape you want (take pictures with you) and every 10 mins or so ask them to stop so you can look in a mirror. Use a waxy pencil followed by powder so the colour lasts longer.

  • For a good pair of thick brows try a smaller arch and a longer tip when shaping them.
  • Pluck one hair at a time.
  • Pick a neutral toned colour that is not too red or yellow. 
  • Brunettes should go for ashy browns, darker brunettes should go for dark browns and blondes should try taupe. 
  • Red heads should go for chestnut colours and those with jet black hair should try blackened brown colours. 
  • You can use eye shadows or concealer to sculpt and define brows after filling them in.
  • Use a toothbrush or brow brush when tweezing.
  • You can use small nail scissors to trim your brow hair (the sharper the better)
  • Get your brows tinted instead of filling them in every time and it lasts up to 5 weeks BONUS!!
  • If you want to save money on tinting in a salon, buy a tinting mascara from boots or superdrug
  • Castor oil on your brows or rosemary oil at night to help stimulate growth. 
  • Before tweezing, wipe disinfectant or lemon juice on brows. 
  • Don't stand very close to the mirror.  
  • Spritz hair spray on a brush an brush through your brows to stop the hair flying about. 
  • After removing brows apply ice over brows to reduce redness +possible swelling. 
Check out some YouTube videos for eyebrow tutorials, I recommend my friend beautybyjj
Much love x

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