Album Review: Talk that Talk

Before reviewing an album, I like to listen to it for a week; so this week I played it loud, on a bus with headphones, in my bathroom, on a run, before going to a party and in my friends car. At first I really didn't like the album and non of the songs stood out to me. 1 week later, it's an OK album. There's something about Rihanna that's Midas-esque! The girl could sing "blah blah bluuu" for 3 mins and it's a hit, she's not the best singer but she makes songs her own, Rihanna-esque. Her previous albums 'Good Girl Gone Bad' + 'Rated R' showed a darker Rihanna taking more risks with her music then Loud was not a great album as I thought it was all over the place with its message. 'Talk That Talk' is a typical Rihanna album with sex and love at it's core. Productions and song-writing is what makes this album what it is, she has a good team behind her. The tracks are filled with euro-dance beats and island flavour making this a "great dancing in the club with the girls" or just bedroom music. I don't like it when Rihanna's music is categorised as R&B because she's a pop star with pop tracks. It's an OK pop album, but not Rihanna's best. It feels rushed so the quality has suffered. I haven't finished listening to the last album then all the sudden, there is another one. Slow down.  6/10

1. You Da One
2. Where Have You Been HOT!
3. We Found Love
4. Talk That Talk (Feat. Jay-Z)
5. Cockiness (Love It)
6. Birthday Cake
7. We All Want Love
8. Drunk On Love HOT!
9. Roc Me Out
10. Watch N Learn
11. Farewell

12. Red Lipstick
13. Do Ya Thang
14. Fool In Love
15. We Found Love (Feat. Calvin Harris) [Extended Mix]

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