Music Review: The Weeknd | Echoes of Silence

A great Christmas present for fans, Echoes of Silence is a great ending to a trilogy that has shown fans how diverse The Weeknd is. His first album 'House of Balloons' was eerie + beat ridden, painting an image of a world of parties, women, love, drugs and then my favourite album 'Thursday' a more accessible + drum heavy album, was released a few months later. Echoes of Silence stays on track with The Weeknd usual haunting theme of failed love, drugs + dark lust:
Track list
1 D.D -   great cover of the classic song, showing us the similarity in his vocal ability with MJ's + it sets the tone for the album
2 Montreal - my favourite track filled with sexy french words
3 Outside - There is xylophone tune throughout this sex session track, he sings "baby when I'm finished with you, you won't want to go".
4 XO/The Host - I think he samples an Abba song here 
5 Initiation - the vocals are chopped + screwed in this track giving it a creepy monstrous edge
6 Same Old Song - a heartbreaking song but almost like Destiny's Child's "I'm a survivor" it's a song to the girl that doubted him and his dreams
7 The Fall
8 Nextabout a girl who only wants him because of his growing fame + the piano at the start is beautiful + sad
9 Echoes Of SilenceIt's depressing + lonely and doesn't quite do it for me, but I understand the wounded/pain he is trying to show. 

I believe that EOS sits in the middle of its predecessors, upbeat but with dark elements. 4/5

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