Turban style

 Tae Heckhard, Video vixen/Model/Actress who is currently on 'The Game' is gorgeous, love the septum + the turban+ shades. Never knew that she had style like this, I like that her style is quite tom-boyish + laid-back with focus on accessories + simple make-up.
 To get turban like this you fold a large scarf (preferably square shape) into a triangle once | you then place the straight part of the scarf on the back of your head (the opposite of a normal headscarf tie) so that the 3 pointy ends are facing forward | you can then use an elastic bad to tie them together and ensure the scarf is tight enough + secure | you then hold them together like they are one piece and wrap like a Bantu knot and use a safety pin to secure or just could just tuck it in (you can also twist it before you wrap it around itself)
 Just added captions to show what I believe she did to achieve her hairstyles
 source: hellyestaeheckard.tumblr.com

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