What to buy for my boyfriend's family?

Last minute.com but I'm finally starting my Christmas gift shopping tomorrow with my boyfriend (perfect time to throw hints at him). I have a family of 6 and his humongous family of 10 (yes his mum has 8 children) so it's going to be a long day. I had an idea of getting his mum + dad a gift and then getting something that everyone else could use together to save money and time.  Well here are my ideas for gifting your boyfriends/girlfriends family.

  • A classic perfume like Chanel No.5 is timeless and lasts for years.
  • A fashionable print umbrella, it rains a lot here in London so something chic would be appreciated.
  • A silk scarf is another great gift, you don't have to break the bank to buy 100% silk.
  • Any woman would love a great bag/clutch.
  • A manicure set especially if she's one of those mums that never have time to go to the nail salon. 
  •  Plus Spa vouchers + Home accessories

  • Ties, cufflinks + socks, you could buy a matching set or put one together yourself.
  • So cliche, but a really good pair of warm sheepskin + wool slippers are great. 
  • A cologne + shaving kit set or just cologne (e.g. Tom Ford)
  • Alcohol like vodka with gold flakes, brandy, wine, scotch whiskey
  •  Plus sports tickets + tickets he could use with his wife
  • A useful appliance like a coffee machine, kitchen aid
  • DVD sets that everyone would like so favourites like Friends, Dexter, CSI, documentaries are good options.
  • Recipe books about like cakes, steaks, smoothies cocktails. Momofuku by David Chang is my favourite (buying that for someone).
  • A necklace for girls with initials (e.g. I would get one with a letter 'A') or a charm bracelet with a charm + they can buy more to customise it themselves (I prefer buying real silver + gold so that they last)
  • Console games for the guys
  • Alcohol, cocktail kit, group games
 Can't believe Christmas is in a week, yessss! Bring on family, gifts + food (what diet?)
 Zeze x

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