I've just taken out my weave/ protective style + it feels sooo good. I'm so happy with the growth so far + am happy I cut about 1.5inches back in October before I weaved it up, mainly because it was not looking very healthy. I'm not going to wash it till tomorrow just to let it rest, but I will comb out the knots and do single twists/braid so that will be easier to manage when I wash it.

 The picture on the left is all the hair from shedding when I combed it after removing the weave.

I'm really happy with my total growth so far since my last  head shave was in the summer. I was really tempted to do another BC because I love low cuts. The weave that I just removed will be made into a quick weave and cut to a bob, how it will be cut into a bob? I have no clue!! I will either put my hair in back in a weave or braids in 2 weeks, but I'm still browsing for other options.

Any ideas of other protective styles I can try out?

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