Henna + hair extentions.

A few months ago I ombre bleached my virgin Indian hair and as much as I liked the colour, I do prefer dark colours. I'm outting my afro back into a weave (protective style) this week so I bought 'Royal' henna in Brown because I wanted to try a natural method - I have used this before on my own hair. I used 3 packs of henna and added water to give it a soupy consistency + left it for 1 hr 30 mins.

Before washing (left) + the henna pack (right)
 In henna mix (left)  + after shampooing and conditioning

So after 1 hr 30 mins, I rinsed the hair under warm water till it ran fairly clear, shampooed + conditioned. The colour turned out beautifully- like a dark chocolate brown, but I need to see it dry to really see it's true colour. Now it's hanging in my bedroom to dry.I will post the results of the treatment once it is dry, but I am very happy with the results so far.

So,  the extensions have been drying for over 2 hours now and I love the colour. The top part wasn't bleach so the henna didn't really need to do that much to it (not noticeably) and the former blond ends have this reddish brown colour in the sunlight - I love it.

Will post pictures later in the week of my weave. x

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