Home Renovation: My bedroom

I have been obsessed with finding inspiration for my bedroom in design blogs and magazines, celeb homes, vintage stores etc. I look forward to the day I can buy my own house and can go design crazy with it.  

Anyway back to my bedroom... I have a lot of space to work with, I was thinking of installing a built-in/custom closet and I feel like a kid in a candy store with all the possibilities. I love the idea of pairing cool tones with brighter ones...the contrast would be beautiful. Some examples below show the direction that I want to go -- a large space for clothes and bags etc.. and something that can keep me organised e.g....without taking a whole load of stuff out just because I'm looking for one thing.


Colour combo's in other parts of the house that I love:

Worldly inspirations
 ...any suggestions? 

source: apartment therapy, bloodandchampagne.com, marthastewart.com, leeoliveira.com, thehousehome.tumblr.com

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  1. These are great inspiration photos! I absolutely love Apartment Therapy lol :)

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