1. almonds- high magnesium which is vital for growing healthy hair
  2. Greek yoghurt - high in protein (the whey) + adds shine and softness to hair
  3. oats - high in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.
  4. coconut oil- coconut oil is high in vitamin E, antioxidants, fat and is absorbed by your hair strands. 
  5. olive oil - keeps hair nourished and conditioned.
  6. Jamaican black castor oil - moisturises, speeds growth, high in nutrients and it works specifically on the hair roots.
  7. avocado - as natures butter it is a great conditioner that softens and adds moisture to dry hair.
  8. mint leaves - the essential oil in the leaves increases blood flow therefore promoting growth.
  9. Aussie 3 minute reconstructor
  10. pure glycerin - a great humectant
  11. milk - high in protein and nutrients.
Blend it all together till it's a smooth paste (add more milk if it's too thick or oats if it's too thin). Apply to hair a section at a time, making sure you massage it into scalp and at the ends. Cover with a shower cap for as long as you want. Then rinse and co-wash hair - the voila shiny hair. About the to wash my hair, will post the results in a little while.


  1. I use Jamaican Black Castor oil, but I mix it into my leave in conditioner. This way I don't have an extra step. Since I wash my hair 2-3 times a week I know I'm getting castor oil.

  2. that's a great idea!! will anything that will reduce the time. Thanks