So sorry for being MIA...I've been so busy with school submissions, exams etc. and once I was done I went into a deep sleep. I'm rested and ready to share some fabulous fashion and beauty finds!!

During the hiatus I decided I wanted to do something creative and start designing jewellery and accessories for my label: X (keeping the name under wraps for now)....but right now I'm searching for materials, inspiration and I have developed a store + blog that will be launched in a few months.

I've always believed that jewellery and accessories make the man...every look is complete when you add some else to it, no matter how small. The slightest pop in colour or change in texture makes all the difference. That is what I aim to achieve with my label. My items will be affordable and timeless pieces for women (or men!) and it will show a side to jewellery designing that can hopefully influence others.


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