The couple that styles together....kardashians

Out of the two couples, who has the better style?


Scott + Kourtney:

Kanye + Kim:

I prefer Scott and Kourtney because they seem to wear what compliments them individually rather than what trends/shock factor they can give to a look. Kourtney has the boho/relaxed style down to a T and Scott's suits are perfectly tailored (jealous!), oh and his shoe game is on point!!

Kim has never been much of a "style icon" to me in the past but the woman could dress well for her figure, nowadays it's complete silence on my end. Kanye is the same... he wears a white/black tee, sneakers and fitted trousers and once in a while throws on a blazer or hooded jacket --- that doesn't define great style in my eyes. Especially on Kim's side -- I have a feeling she dresses for shock factor and hunny that's just being a slave to fashion in only black and white.

source: zimbio.com


  1. I think I agree.....but I must say that I love Kim's style, especially when she goes all vintage-old-hollywood-glamour.
    Clenia Gigi

  2. YUP! she really suits the old hollywood/elizabeth taylor look