The couple that styles together....jayonce or jelena?

Out of the two couples, who has the better style?

Jay-z + beyonce:
As a couple, Jayonce don't always go matchy matchy and to me it shows how "normal" and grown they are. The girl that dresses up to the T and the guy that isn't really bothered; just give him some timbs, a tee and a jacket and he's ready to go. Jay-Z isn't exactly going to win 'Most stylish male celeb' with vogue, but one thing I like about him is that he stays true to himself - he is more about personal preference than fashion trends. Beyonce likes to experiment with fashion which results in some hits and misses but in the last year or so she has done a 360 and become a fashionista in her own right (will do a post about that later)!


Justin Beiber + Selena Gomez:
What can I say, they are both young so the fashion world is their oyster. Selena is girl next door that can give you glam at a moments notice.  Justin beiber is a great example of someone who is still trying to figure out what style suits the most. I do think he needs to wear more tailored clothes -but like I said he's young so he has plenty of time to figure out what works for him. Selena dresses like most girls her age - relaxed and fun.

 To me neither couple dresses exceptionally well but if I had to chose it would be Bey + Jay, simply because they both have personal style and seem to have found their "fashion identity" whereas the beibs and selena arent quite there yet.

It just comes to show that money can't buy you style most of the time.

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