I am obsessed with tattoos. I only have 2 but I've never really wanted to rush them as I've got my whole life ahead of me...and I kinda like the idea of getting tattooed around the world (not random artists though) and that requires a ton of research..because a tatt is for life!!

My first ever tattoo was 3 stars on my right foot (different sizes). Then a diamond on my right wrist. I could sit here and give you some long poetic story (there is one) but I won't. They both do mean something to me.

I love small and slight subtle pieces but also want 1 large piece for my left side on my ribcage. Saira Hunjan is the artist I would love to tattoo me but unfortunately she's retired and ventured into collaborations with fashion labels etc (my heart weeps). Her art is inspired by indian henna art and culture. She uses colour and geometrics to add intricate detail to her pieces and they are truly beautiful. Sigh, no rush though!

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