Bendy rollers tutorial

For the front I use my thinnest and shortest rollers and for the back the thicker and longer ones. Spray hair lightly with water (just to get it dewy not damp or soaking with water) then grab a small section of hair (about the width of the length your little finger) and from the tip wrap the hair around the middle of the roller; then once it feels secure, twist the rollers and roll your hair all the way to the root and then bend both sides of the rollers inwards to make sure the hair can't come off the rollers. I did this till my whole head was done and used during this tutorial about 25 rollers. The amount of rollers you use really depends on how full you want the hair to be, if you want to put more rollers in you need to use less hair per roller. Bendy rollers are a great alternative for those that don't want to use heat on thier hair and I made a promise to myself to apply the same principles to my natural hair to my weaves, because I want it to be a habit.  This weave is "Brazilian", but I know the whole brazilian hair conspiracy is really Indian hair, so it's indian hair- I love it, it NEVER tangles, little shedding and its so soft.

The only thing about a bendy roller set is that it does shrink the hair a little initially because the curls are really tight, but over the course of the day they will drop more.

Any problems trying out the tutorial, I would suggest checking out some videos on youtube.

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