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I co-wash my fro once a week and use dudu osun every 2 weeks, then do a treatment once a month; but when I have a protective style just I run water through it every 3 weeks or so. The conditioner smells goods and it has a silky consistency like syrup. The blue colouring makes it more appealing but I can't imagine what they must have used to turn it blue. I bought the shampoo and conditioner, but because I only use conditioners (and Dudu Osun/Black soap to wash) I gave the shampoo to my brother. The two bottles fit each other like ying and yang but overall and they have an attractive design and easy grip. The first wash my hair was really greasy so the co-wash didn't really seem to be working, so on the second try it let up slightly. I combed through my fro and washed it out again. The third time was the trick; my curls were so defined and soft. I washed out all the conditioner and my hair was still very soft. I used some pure shea butter whilst my hair was still wet; massaging it from root to end to seal in the moisture.

During the day it rained and I didn't have an umbrella, I had no cover for my hair and by the time I got home I had some shrinkage but my hair was bouncy and I was not sure if it was because it was just a good regular conditioner or I had found "the one". So for my next co-wash I used my forever reliable Aussie 3 minute conditioner as a comparison and lo and behold I prefer my Aussie for many reasons. Aussie smells fantastic, I feel like I can go out into woods and pick its ingredients (it's more natural), my curls love it, I can use it as a leave-in conditioner. The problem I have with Hello hydration is the colour and the fact my hair didn't remain soft for as long as Aussie.

If I run out of Aussie and I need a backup then HH is defo on my list, but for someone that is trying to use as little chemicals in my hair as possible HH is not the way to go for me.

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