My edges are in trouble, they are so bad and are in dire need of TLC. The damage started with me not paying it a lot of attention + it got worse when I  got a weave done in September + that was the worst hair experience of my life.

About 4 inches from my forehead is broken and damaged. I haven't been moisturising and oiling as much as I can, even though I have a giant cut of SB and bottles of home-made CO. So am going on a 5 month hair challenge (Nov-March'12)

  • Night and day I am applying SB and CO to my scalp and ends + spray olive oil between my tracks. 
  • MTG , but it stinks, so I will probably only use it a few days before a wash day or only when I am wearing a wig.
  • Also I need to start taking multivitamins and cod liver oil. 
At the end of every month I will take pictures and show my progress.

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