Natural hair care | The 7 wonders of the world

1. Eggs

I know what your thinking..'they should be in my tummy, not my hair' but ever since my late aunt (RIP) told me that her go to product was an egg I haven't looked back (and her hair was incredible). I tried it a few times and I must say it works. For those of you that want an inexpensive deep conditioning product try mixing 2 eggs with 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise (yes food mayo) and a tablespoon of EVOO, then steam or wrap your hair with a damp + warm towel. The egg white is very high in protein and vitamin E (strengthens hair) whilst the yolk is rich in protein and fatty. It leaves the hair looking glossy and it's good for those with frizzy, damaged hair and those with dandruff.

2. Argan oil (Moroccan oil)

My holiday in Morocco was amazing and whilst there I wanted buy as much pure argan oil as I could. I bought about 3 bottles of this golden hair miracle for about £10 bargain right?! (I wish I bought more). When I first tried it, I really didn't like the smell initially..it's has a strong nutty smell but with the oil, a little goes a long way; I am only half way through the first bottle (I use it 3 times a week). My hair loves it, it sits well and gives a great shine and softens my curls much better than almond oil and the same as CO. I would definitely recommend buying the oil, but it can be on the expensive side if you buy a branded one, just because of how it's made, so I would probably buy it directly from Morocco.

3. Shea butter
This is my baby, my angel and my life..lol too far? But seriously it has saved my hair's life and as long as I am consistent with applying it, I am in hair heaven. It's fantantic for TWA and above mainly because it's a natural gel especially when applied from it's solid state. I only use the pure shea butter that my mum bought me from back home in Nigeria (about 4kg) and then cut it and put it in a container so it's easier to use. I also love melting it and mixing it with other oils like EVOO, CO and peppermint oil. Shea butter is inexpensive when bought pure which I do prefer because it is fantastic on its own. If you want want to define your curls, after a wash take about a 50p coin size of shea butter and using your finger work it into sections of hair...voila.

To be continued...

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