Dying my hair

Well not "my" hair, my weave. Remember when I told you I was trying to grow out the front part of my hair? Well I was really looking forward to wearing braids, but that's a big no no when trying to grow out hair. So yesterday my trusty hairstylist Bisi took the reigns and weaved up my hair and she only cornrowed from about 2 inches up my forehead, leaving the damaged hair unbraided.

I did a full fringe because I want to cover up and unbraided hair that might peek through and this way I would not get fed up as early as if I had done a side fringe.

I will grease my hair with my coconut oil/shea butter/morrocan oil mix everyday and use olive oil spray on the hard to reach areas every other day, as I also used a net during the weaving process to reduce the strain of brushing the weave on my actual hair.

I've been watching a lot of these ombre styles over the years and it's come back into full swing with a lot of people going the DIY route.  What is ombre? Well ombre is a gradient in colour from dark to medium to light or light to medium to dark. It's seen in everything from hair, sunglasses and clothes.

Really cute in waves and curls, might give it a try at the weekend, what do you think?

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