Product review: Lush foot lotion in peppermint

Go and buy this now! No joke..I know it says foot lotion on the box, but it should be changed to "if I could drink it I would cream". This is the best cream hands down, I have EVER used! First of all it's PINK, it's packed with essential oils and it smells YUMMA because of the peppermint and spearmint and it has fair trade coco butter. It's one of those creams that is moisturising and oiling without being greasy, do you know what I mean? If I had oily skin, I would probably use it. My dry eczema-prone skin eats it all day everyday. Once you apply it to your skin you get this cooling tingling feeling (that rhymes) that feels like you skin is being rejuvenated. Lucky for me it's a popular product so they restock it every season, but my paranoia of cosmetic conspiracies means that I have stocked up 5 tubs so far.  The ingredients in this pot of pink heaven are for soothing tired and restoring exhausted areas i.e. my whole body

Ingredients include coco butter, almond oil, arnica and glycerin.
I love everything about it and I have seen a HUGE (yes I had to make the letter in capitals just to emphasise just how huge) difference in my skin, less spots and a much cleaner and smoother appearance all over.

Get it now xx

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