These are a few of my favourite blogs...

These natural hair blogs inspired me to go natural, or should I say ..made it look so damn fly that I just had to do it!!

This blog is great for those of us in the UK that don't really know 
where to get products for natural hair. Obviously our brothers and sister's in the US
have so much to chose from, but not so much for us in the UK, but thankfully this is changing,
with blogs like Natural Belle's exposing us to affordable options. 
If you want hairstyle ideas + fashion, this is the blog, if you want hair porn..THIS IS THE BLOG. 
I love her modern-retro style and she has really good taste in jumpers (oh yea!!). 
Check her out + enjoy.

If there was the ultimate book on all things to do with hair recipes and tutorials 
Motown girl would be it's author. I LOVE this blog + it was one of the first blogs I found
when I contemplating a BC. All ingredients are easy to find in most countries. 
She features other naturals on her blog as well as her own hair journey, 
check it out you will never leave after all she has been doing it for 
10 years so something must be working.

 This award-winning blogger who has been featured in magazines such as 
Glamour + blogs about everything from hair to beauty, reviews, 
black culture and features interviews from famous + inspirational naturals.
Definitely worth checking out.

Lecoil, USA
  For hair porn this is the blog/tumblr. Dreadlocks, braid outs, twists, braids...it's all there!
No words just pictures. You better get comfortable with some popcorn, 
because your going to be sat there for a while!!

To be continued x

source: hairspiration.blogspot.com, afrobella.com, lecoil.tumblr.com

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