Models that eat?

Models eat? huh? Well as a foodie my food bloglist is miles long + amongst them are So Delushious! by Chrissy Teigen, The Best by Sess by Sessilee Lopez and Bonjour Amanda by Amanda Strang.

Chrissy is just a regular girl that enjoys spending hours cooking good food to put a smile on the faces of her loved ones. I lovvveeee her blog mainly because of how easy her delicious recipes are, she's down to earth + I get to see John Legend eating (bonus!). 

Sessilee Lopez's blog is more of a guide to where she loves to eat + her recipes. She shares her love of food + it's influence on her life as "one of the best luxuries in life".

French based model Amanda Strang is even in cookery school (a true foodie!) + she  is what I would call a meticulous cook. I wouldn't spend time cooking her food but I appreciate the time she spends and how good her food looks.

Other food blogs that I love but not from models, but fashionista's are:

** Luxirare: Just food at it's best, she is an engineer + architect of food + fashion. She makes the most amazing clothes from croc leather, chains etc. + food like edible shot glasses + other mind blowing dishes.

**Maison des Reveries: fashion and food, the best combination. She likes her food like her clothes, expensive.
Are there any other food + fashion blogs out there that you love?

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  1. Interesting. I promise myself to start cooking now. So I guess this post is perfect for me!