Solange in Morrocco

Browsing Solange Knowles' blog mydamnblog, I saw recent photos of her holiday in Morrocco and it instantly took me back to my holiday in Marrakech during the summer of 2010. There is an African, Arabic and French influence everywhere from the bustling colourful souks (markets) to architecture and are all part of what make this country one of my favourite spots in the world. I arrived with an empty suitcase and left with it brimming with gold trinkets, leather slippers, a tagine and some clothes and I would have taken more if I had space (things are really cheap there and you can haggle your ass off). 

 (Top-left: Souk stall, Top-right: My hotel room, bottom-left: Jardin Majorelle- YSL garden, bottom-right: me on a camel)

Solange's holiday + more fashionably cool shots than mine:

A coral pant suit in the middle of the medina - Solange you are one of a kind. 

I need a holiday right now. 
source: mydamnblog.com

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