Wrap up

Another freezing day in London + as much as I hate the cold, drowning myself in warm clothing compensates. The only problem is that I have winter coats in every colour but black. I want a wool tailored coat, straight lines, with masculine details like lapels + sharp shoulders; I want it to sit mid thigh+ to have buttons.. is that too much to ask for? I prefer androgynous styles for winter coats because they tend to be more roomy - perfect for layering.

My inspirations for this style of coat is those worn by Stephanie Lacava:

Here are some manly influences. 

Sidenote: I saw my perfect coat on a lady this morning, but I didn't ask her wear it was from - but I do have it etched on my mind.

Hope you all had a great weekend x

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  1. Love your blog, very clean!

    And this post is great! I really would love a fur coverup before the sun steals the cold! =]