My hair....so far.

From bald to 10 cm in a little over year. I'm kinda happy with my progress. Right now my hair is in tiny braids  (minimal manipulation). They are really easy to manage and I like to keep my regimen simple because I'm lazy!

My regimen
-Braid hair every 3-4 weeks then I take them out then DC and protein treatment.
-Co-wash with tresemme naturals every other day (I live in a hot ass country..sweaty hair aint sexy!)
-Wash hair with black soap on Saturdays
-Oil hair every night with my homemade JBCO + coconut oil mix (just 2 ingredients..simple!)
-Trim hair every 2-3 months
-If my hair is feeling dry I mist it with my homemade hair mist (filtered water, glycerin and rose water).

-I want to start including hot oil treatments at some point. 

Length: a little over 10cm!!! Going to TRY and get to 15 cm by December.

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