Dress your curves

Curves with a capital C and S!

  1. Focus on flattering and smoothing out your curves by playing around with different textures and fabrics.
  2. Who the f said we can't wear bright colours...huh!?
  3. Girl...if you've got it flaunt it!!!
  4. Print it up but in moderation
  5. Heels to lengthen those legs
  6. Cinch the waist to accentuate your figure 8 and give your body proportions
  7. Stripes: horizontal stripes can make you look bigger so try vertical stripes to elongate the bod
  8. Accentuate one area at a time...no need to show ass, boobs and hips..keep a little to the imagination.
  9. Work with different lengths: from mullet skirts to maxis, cropped trousers to high waisted shorts.
source: curves in color tumblr

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